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Episode Fifteen of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Fourteen concluded with:

Dencel again made a loud, primeval laugh. “Don’t you worry ‘bout that none. This money is gonna make one poor man very happy. Now, you saddle that pinto. I’m gonna pack me up a few things, then ride far away from here. I’ll never have to look at you or your ma again.”
Iola entered the barn and looked about in a confused manner. “I heard so much commotion--”
“You get back to the house, woman. Right now!” The look of savagery returned to Dencel’s face.
His wife took a step forward, looking at her daughter. “Honey are you…”
Dencel pointed the six shooter at his wife. “Get back! Now!”

Episode Fifteen

Terror covered Iola’s face as she hurried from the barn. Seeing how effective the use of the pistol had been, Dencel pointed it at his daughter. “You do like I say, girl.”
“Yes, Pa.” Cissy remained crouched over her patient as her father hurried from the barn.
Ricky Cates wanted to close his eyes and retreat into unconsciousness.The outlaw knew he couldn’t do that. He had to come up with a good scheme: a plan which would get the money back and allow him to escape.
The killer remembered when he had rested under some trees after leaving the Bolger place. He had reloaded the Derringer and strapped it to his ankle in the event someone found him and took away his six shooter.
“Is your head feelin’ any better at all, Mr. Cates?”
Ricky Cates realized the Derringer wasn’t his strongest weapon. His best weapon was Cissy Runyan. She was a weapon he would use.
“Hey now, what’s with all this, ‘Mr. Cates.’? I thought you and me agreed to call each other by our first names.”
Cissy closed her eyes and started to cry.
“None of that, now,” Cates place a hand on the girl’s cheek. “How are you feelin’?”
“Not so bad,” Cissy inhaled and quickly brushed away several tears. “Pa hits me and ma a lot. I was sorta expectin’ him to do what he did. I ducked. I didn’t get the full…”
Time was short and Cates didn’t really care about Cissy’s injury. He stroked her cheek. “Cissy, last night I told you I’d only ask for one more favor. Guess I was lyin’. I got another favor to ask. A big one.”
“Sure. What is it, Mr….Ricky?”
“I need you to kill your pa.”
Cates sat up slowly, lifted a pants leg and pulled out the Derringer. “I can’t get close enough to him for this gun to do much good, but you can, Cissy.”
The girl stared at the weapon in the killer’s hand. Cissy had seen quite a few old rifles and knew how to handle them. But this gun was different. It looked sort of pretty, like something on a necklace.
“Aim for his chest, Cissy. That or his head.”
“I can’t…he’s my pa.”
“I gotta get that money back!” Cates paused, realizing he had to remain Robin Hood if his idea was to work. “There’s lots of poor folks who need the money.”
“I know, but…”
Heavy footsteps were approaching from outside and mixed with the sound of Dencel’s manic laughter. “Cissy, I’ve been doin’ some serious thinkin’ since we met up. I think we’d make a great team. I want you for my wife, Cissy. I love you.”
“And I love you.” She reached down and embraced Ricky Cates. The killer held her as tightly as he could and kissed her, not gently, on the lips. They parted as Dencel’s laughter and shouts became dangerously close.
Cates lifted the Derringer toward the young woman. “Before we can have a life together, you gotta do this one thing, Cissy. For us.”
Cissy’s eyes briefly fell on her dress and the streaks of blood that were there: the blood of the man she loved and who loved her. Ricky Cates’ blood had transferred onto her while they were kissing. The blood represented a sacred bond with the wounded hero who lay in front of her.
The girl nodded her head and took the gun.

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