Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Episode Sixteen of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode fifteen concluded with:

“And I love you.” She reached down and embraced Ricky Cates. The killer held her as tightly as he could and kissed her, not gently, on the lips. They parted as Dencel’s laughter and shouts became dangerously close.
Cates lifted the Derringer toward the young woman. “Before we can have a life together, you gotta do this one thing, Cissy. For us.”
Cissy’s eyes briefly fell on her dress and the streaks of blood that were there: the blood of the man she loved and who loved her. Ricky Cates’ blood had transferred onto her while they were kissing. The blood represented a sacred bond with the wounded hero who lay in front of her.
The girl nodded her head and took the gun.

Episode Sixteen

Dencel stormed into the barn. The saddle bags and a sack containing a few belongings were strewn over his shoulder. Ricky’s six shooter was in his belt. He was carrying the Henry. “Why haven’t you saddled that horse, like I told you?”
“I’ll saddle the horse.” Cissy walked around the bales of hay and began to approach her father.
“Well, get to it!”
“In my own time, Pa, there’s somethin’ I gotta do first.” She kept moving.
Dencel sensed that something very strange was happening but he didn’t know what. “I just gave your ma a goodbye beating. Maybe you need the same thing.”
Cissy was now only a few steps from her father. “No, Pa,” the girl’s face began to contort. “You’re not beatin’ anybody again.” She lifted the Derringer and pointed it at his chest.
Dencel gave a loud, mocking laugh. “I suppose your new boyfriend, the thief, gave you that thing.”
Cissy’s body trembled. She was having trouble pointing the gun straight. “Don’t you call Ricky Cates a thief! He’s a finer man than you’ll ever be.”
“You’re talkin’ crazy!
“You’re no kind of man at all,” Cissy shouted as the arm that held the Derringer began to shake. “Beatin’ up on women and demandin’ your own way. That’s all you’ve ever been good for.”
“I should kill you for sayin’ that.”
“No… no… I’m the one who is gonna do the killin’. I’m gonna kill you for what you did to me and ma. I’m gonna kill you for Ricky Cates, the finest man that ever lived.”
Cissy took a step closer to her father. Her entire body began to shake uncontrollably. The girl suddenly broke into tears, dropping the gun to the floor.
Dencel pushed the gun away with his foot as he slammed a fist into his daughter’s jaw. The blow sent Cissy into a fast twirl. She tried to stay on her feet but collapsed to the floor.
A look of grotesque amusement appeared on Dencel’s face as he looked down at his daughter.“I guess that kick to the head I gave your boyfriend didn’t do much good. Maybe I can kick some sense into you. It might take a few, but you ain’t gonna be doin’ no more talkin’ about killin’ your pa.” 

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