Friday, June 22, 2012

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Episode Six of Night Riders

Episode Five concluded with:

Max slowly approached the cave entrance. He could hear Lila’s voice. She sounded upset, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying. He moved closer to the entrance.
Cold iron pressed against the back of his neck, followed by a low whisper, “Say anything and you’re dead.” A gag was tied around Thompson’s mouth. Another whisper followed. “Move. No tricks, or you die.”
Max couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to die, no matter what.

Episode Six

The lawman proceeded down the hill, silently cursing himself. He had been captured by members of the gang he was supposed to be stalking. Max listened carefully. From the footsteps, he thought there were five men walking behind him. One of them was now pressing the barrel of a gun into his back.
Thompson breathed heavily and kept his fear under wraps. He had always known that a lawman’s slightest error could cost him his life. He hadn’t given a thought to checking the area around the cave before moving in. It looked like that misstep was going to be deadly.
His lawman’s instincts remained strong. The jasper who whispered the orders to him seemed to be trying to disguise his voice.
Thompson was forced into a grove of trees. The gag was removed from his mouth and this time the captor who gave the orders made no attempt to change his voice. He spoke in an almost jocular manner as he yanked off his hood. “I’ll give you a moment to make peace with your creator, Sheriff. I always liked you. Sorry it’s come to this.”
“I’m already at peace with my creator.” Max Thompson turned around. He had been right. There were five outlaws: four were still wearing hoods. The talkative one was wearing a sneer. Max shook his head at the man who had a hood in his left hand and a six shooter in his right. “I never woulda guessed. You had me fooled. I must be  gettin’ old.”
The unmasked outlaw laughed. “Gettin’ old is a problem you’re not gonna have, Max.”

Monday: Episode Seven of Night Riders