Monday, June 25, 2012

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Episode Seven of Night Riders

Episode Six concluded with:

Thompson was forced into a grove of trees. The gag was removed from his mouth and this time the captor who gave the orders made no attempt to change his voice. He spoke in an almost jocular manner as he yanked off his hood. “I’ll give you a moment to make peace with your creator, Sheriff. I always liked you. Sorry it’s come to this.”
“I’m already at peace with my creator.” Max Thompson turned around. He had been right. There were five outlaws: four were still wearing hoods. The talkative one was wearing a sneer. Max shook his head at the man who had a hood in his left hand and a six shooter in his right. “I never woulda guessed. You had me fooled. I must be  gettin’ old.”
The unmasked outlaw laughed. “Gettin’ old is a problem you’re not gonna have, Max.”

Episode Seven
Rory Kagan kissed his mother on her cheek. “Ma, you’re always the first up every morning. How do you do it?”
Irene Kagan smiled at her son and at the oven which was in front of her as if both were beloved family members. “Fixin’ breakfast is one of my jobs ‘round here. That means pullin’ myself outta bed early.”
“Pa and me could do more. I think Pa is still in bed.”
“Now Rory, you know Glenn Kagan works harder than any man in this territory, what with headin’ up the Homesteaders Association and all the responsibilities of the farm. He deserves a few extra minutes of shut-eye now and again. Just let him be.” She looked at her son affectionately. “If you’re so fired up ‘bout bein’ helpful, go fetch some water.”
Rory laughed, picked up a bucket and headed outside. The pump was located near the barn and as he put down the bucket he could hear a horse neighing inside. The neighing sounded far too close to the door. Did one of the horses break out of its stall?
The young man lifted the bar and opened the barn door. Immediately inside was a saddled horse. The animal didn’t belong to the family, but it looked familiar. “This is Midnight,” Rory spoke softly as he petted the black gelding. “Sheriff Thompson’s horse, what’s--”
Rory spotted blood on Midnight’s saddle, then he saw the body on the floor.
“Sheriff Thompson!” Rory Kagan crouched over the body of the lawman. He felt for a pulse, but knew there was none. What lay in front of him was a pale corpse.

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