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Episode Twelve of Night Riders

Episode Eleven concluded with:

            Lila dismounted, tied up her horse, and walked toward the flicker of red that came from the cave entrance. Suddenly, the young woman stopped. She thought she had heard something. She stood still and listened. Her horse nickered and small critters made scampering sounds in nearby bushes. The woman inhaled deeply. “I have to stay calm,” she whispered to herself. “There’s too much at stake.”
With a sense of determination, Lila Tantrall calmed her jitters and entered the cave.

Episode Twelve

Rory Kagan walked briskly toward her and the two young people embraced. Their coming together seemed more an act of desperation and exhaustion than romantic attachment. Both of them seemed to sense this situation as they slowly broke away from one another.
“Our families aren’t trying to kill each other,--yet!” Rory said. “Besides that I ain’t…” Rory paused, then tried again with better grammar, “I have no news to report.”
“I do,” Lila replied. “But I don’t know if it’s good or bad.”
“Father has hired a detective. Rance Dehner. He is with the Lowrie Agency in Dallas. Father wants him to find out who is behind the murder of the Ashley family and the vandalism wreaked on the homesteaders.”
“All the destruction, barn burnings, fences being pulled down, that sort of thing.”
“Oh, yeah. Sure.”  Rory’s worries extended beyond the possibility of a land war. Would this educated, refined young woman become fed up with his farm boy ways?
Lila was unaware of Rory’s anxieties over his lack of education. “Do you think your dad will be impressed? I mean, hiring a detective certainly shows that my father is not responsible for all the terrible crimes that have been taking place.”
Rory began to pace about the cave as he scratched his head. “Sounds sensible enough, but pa don’t cotton much to common sense these days. Maybe he’ll see straight on this, but I don’t think so.”
The young man gave a joyless laugh that bounced off the walls of the cave as if it were mocking him. “I hope this Rance fella is a better detective than us. Remember our big dream about findin’ the real owlhoots and turnin’ them in to the law?”
 The two young people stood apart, both feeling the disappointment of their failed idealism. Then they once again embraced, clinging to each other tightly as their lips came together.
“My, my, ain’t  that sweet!”
The couple hastily broke apart. Standing near the cave entrance were two men with hoods over their heads and guns in their hands.
Rory kept one arm around Lila as he snapped at the intruders. “What are you doin’ here?!”
The outlaw who had spoken laughed, “Why, I thought you’d be right glad to see us.”
“What do you mean?”
A note of amusement stayed in the outlaw’s voice. He was thin, with two buttons missing from his red shirt. “You two was talkin’ ‘bout findin’ out who was doin’ all the killin’ and burnin’.” He raised his gun a little higher. “Well, now ya found them.”

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