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Episode Thirteen of Night Riders

Episode Twelve concluded with:

Rory kept one arm around Lila as he snapped at the intruders. “What are you doin’ here?!”
The outlaw who had spoken laughed, “Why, I thought you’d be right glad to see us.”
“What do you mean?”
A note of amusement stayed in the outlaw’s voice. He was thin, with two buttons missing from his red shirt. “You two was talkin’ ‘bout findin’ out who was doin’ all the killin’ and burnin’.” He raised his gun a little higher. “Well, now ya found them.”

Episode Thirteen

“You’d better ride off!” Lila tried to sound threatening. “My father has hired a detective from Dallas--”
“Shut up!” The same outlaw continued to speak. “Outside. Both of ya.”
The two young people walked hand in hand out of the cave. Two more masked thugs were waiting for them. One of them had his gun drawn, the other was holding the reins to their horses.
“Both of ya, on your horses, now!” This time the talkative outlaw prodded Rory with the barrel of his six gun.
Lila mounted her palomino while Rory got on his buckskin. Three of the gunmen also mounted their horses and then surrounded the couple.  Red Shirt walked over to Lila’s palomino and gave the animal a pat.
“Fine horse ya got there, girlie.”
Lila said nothing.
The thug took the horse’s reins and walked it away from the rest of the group. “You ride that fine horse back to the Circle T.”
Lila was stunned. “Ah…sure…Rory and I will…”
Red Shirt laughed. “No, girlie. Ya gotta make this ride all by your lonesome.”
“I’m not leaving without Rory!”
The outlaw fired a shot directly over the palomino’s head. The horse neighed loudly and lurched about in a panic. Lila quickly brought the horse under control only to have Red Shirt fire another shot. The horse went up on two legs. Lila struggled to maintain control of the animal.
“Ride off, Lila!” Rory shouted.
“I’ll get help,” the girl shouted back as her horse began to gallop back to the Circle T. Lila, a fine horsewoman, managed to bring the palomino to a halt in time to look back and see the four outlaws riding down the mountain with Rory. The thugs didn’t seem at all worried about her bringing back help. What did they have in mind?
Lila realized she had no time for such thoughts.  She spurred her horse into a fast gallop back to the Circle T.

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