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Episode Fourteen of Night Riders

Episode Thirteen concluded with:

“Ride off, Lila!” Rory shouted.
“I’ll get help,” the girl shouted back as her horse began to gallop back to the Circle T. Lila, a fine horsewoman, managed to bring the palomino to a halt in time to look back and see the four outlaws riding down the mountain with Rory. The thugs didn’t seem at all worried about her bringing back help. What did they have in mind?
Lila realized she had no time for such thoughts.  She spurred her horse into a fast gallop back to the Circle T.

Episode Fourteen

The killers reached the bottom of the mountain and halted. “Let’s git the job done right here.” Red Shirt continued to do all the talking. Rory figured that he must be the leader of the group, but somehow the rest of the outlaws didn’t seem to treat him like a boss.
“Let’s move on a bit. We’re in open spaces. Anyone can see us.” The objection came from a heavy set man, the only one of the outlaws who was holding a gun on Rory.
Red Shirt snapped his reply. “There ain’t no one around this time of night. Besides, the boss tole us not to get anywhere close to the cattle. Don’t want to get none of the Circle T cowboys mixed up in this.” 
Those words devastated Rory Kagan. He and Lila had been wrong! Elijah Tantrall was guilty just as his father had claimed. And Lila was now riding back to the Circle T to get help. Fat chance!
Someone ordered Rory off his horse. As he dismounted he prayed silently that Elijah Tantrall would be brought to justice and that Lila would have a good life. His body began to tremble. He wanted to break down and cry.
 But Rory Kagan was not about to give his killers that satisfaction. “I guess I’m gonna die at the hands of a bunch of cowards; it takes four of you jaspers to kill one man.”
“Shut up, kid!” Red Shirt was talking again. All four men were now dismounted and standing around him.
“And you jaspers wear hoods. Of course, maybe you have faces that need coverin’ up.”
Red Shirt slammed a fist into the boy’s face. Kagan plunged to the ground where he received a hard kick in the ribs.
“I was gonna make this easy on you, boy. Jus’ a quick bullet in the head. But now, I think I might have me a little fun first.”

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