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Episode Fifteen of Night Riders

Episode Fourteen concluded with:

But Rory Kagan was not about to give his killers that satisfaction. “I guess I’m gonna die at the hands of a bunch of cowards; it takes four of you jaspers to kill one man.”
“Shut up, kid!” Red Shirt was talking again. All four men were now dismounted and standing around him.
“And you jaspers wear hoods. Of course, maybe you have faces that need coverin’ up.”
Red Shirt slammed a fist into the boy’s face. Kagan plunged to the ground where he received a hard kick in the ribs.
“I was gonna make this easy on you, boy. Jus’ a quick bullet in the head. But now, I think I might have me a little fun first.”

Episode Fifteen

“The fun is over! Throw down your guns and put your hands up. Now!”
The voice came from behind a boulder a few feet up the mountain. Red Shirt went for his six shooter but was stopped by a rifle shot that blew open his chest. Another outlaw already had his gun out but received a hard kick to his knee before he could fire.  He doubled over in pain and dropped the iron. Rory kicked it away from him. 
The remaining two outlaws sent a hail of bullets toward the boulder but didn’t bother to aim. Their shots served as a cover as they mounted their horses and galloped off. The outlaw that Rory Kagan had downed looked around for his gun and saw Kagan pick it up.
“Stop right there!” Rory shouted as the thug scrambled not too gracefully onto his roan. Kagan deliberately fired over the jasper’s head as he spurred his horse into a fast retreat.
“You’re using good judgment, Rory.” The voice came from beside the boulder. “No need to shoot those hired guns. They won’t be back. One dead man is enough.”
“Who are you?” Rory still held the gun in his hands. The man walking down the slope was probably a friend. His gun was holstered and he now carried his Winchester in one hand. Still, Rory wasn’t taking any chances. He had encountered enough surprises on this night.
“The name is Rance Dehner, I’m--”
“You’re the detective Elijah Tantrall hired!” Rory tightened his grip on the six shooter.
“That I am,” Dehner’s voice remained calm as he walked over to check on the fallen outlaw. His earlier statement had been right. The man was dead.
 “Those killers wanted to shoot me here, so they wouldn’t be too close to Tantrall’s herds.”
“Yeah, that’s what I heard. Why don’t you toss down that gun and maybe we can figure out how to stop a bloody land war.”
Rory Kagan paused for a moment, then did what Dehner had suggested. “Look, Rance, I don’t want Elijah Tantrall to be the one behind all this, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense. Those owlhoots let Lila go. Even a no good wouldn’t want harm to come to his own daughter. And there’s the order to stay clear of the cattle…”
Dehner spoke as if his mind had been far away. “We’ll have to come back and bury this jasper later. Come on, we’re riding back to the Circle T.”

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