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Episode Sixteen of One Arm Lightning

Episode Fifteen concluded with:

             Forrest tied up his horse in front of Oliver’s General Store and gazed through the window as he approached the front door. A tattered CLOSED sign took up a quarter of the glassed area but lights were on inside and Blake Oliver could be seen bustling about.
            The door wasn’t locked. Connors stepped through it.
            Blake Oliver’s voice sounded genuinely friendly. “Good to see you, Forrest, beautiful evening, ain’t it?”
            Forrest’s voice was toneless. “Hello, Blake. Yeah, nice evening.”
            Blake scooted behind the counter of his store and began to remove cans of beans from an open case. He grinned malevolently at his one customer as he placed the beans on the shelves behind him.  “I guess you’re here to pay up all the money you owe me. That’s quite a bill you’ve run up, Forrest.”

Episode Sixteen

“Blake, I already explained to you. I won the ranch in a poker game. I didn’t have the money to get it going. The bank wouldn’t give me a loan. I had to buy everything on credit from you. Look, the ranch is on its feet now, jus’ give me another three months…”
            Oliver laughed as he took a can of beans from the case. “You know, Forrest, you’d be surprised at all the hard luck stories a store owner hears. After a while, they all start soundin’ the same.”
            Blake tossed the can in the air and caught it. “Now, occasionally something special comes along. You know…Sally…the little redhead at the Shooting Star? Well, two week ago she came in here sayin’ she needed a new dress. One of her customers tore the one she had. But the poor girlie didn’t have a penny to her name.”
            Oliver made a clicking sound with his tongue. “Let’s just say, Sally got her dress.”
            The storekeeper turned and placed the can on the shelf as he continued to talk. “Now, as to your situation Forrest, you’ve got solid collateral.”
            “What do you mean?”
            Blake Oliver paused in his chore and looked directly at Connors. “I mean, Rebecca Torveen. You’re gonna getcha two hundred dollars from your girlie and give it to me.”
            “Two hundred! That’s almost twice what I owe you!”
            “A banker is entitled to interest. I am too.”
            “I won’t do it!”
            “Well then, the next time Miss Torveen comes by the store, I’ll just tell her about your unpaid debts. I’ll bet you haven’t gotten around to mentioning that to your dear fiancée, have you Forrest?”
            “Listen, Blake--”
            “Yeah, I bet Miss Torveen would be very interested in knowing the man of her dreams is a penniless drifter who got lucky one night in a poker game and--”
            A crashing sound came from the back of the store. Blake Oliver made a face of disgust as he looked to his left at the door that led to the storage room. “Guess somethin’ has fallen off the shelf.”
            “That doesn’t make much sense,” Connors looked toward the back of the store in a quizzical manner. “How could something just fall off a shelf all by its lonesome?”
            Oliver’s expression went from disgust to concern. “Guess I better have a look.” 

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