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Episode Seventeen of One Arm Lightning

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

A crashing sound came from the back of the store. Blake Oliver made a face of disgust as he looked to his left at the door that led to the storage room. “Guess somethin’ has fallen off the shelf.”
     “That doesn’t make much sense,” Connors looked toward the back of the store in a quizzical manner. “How could something just fall off a shelf all by its lonesome?”
     Oliver’s expression went from disgust to concern. “Guess I better have a look.”

Episode Seventeen

    “I have to talk to you some more, Blake. Please, we gotta--”
            “Hold your horses, I’ll be right back.”  The store owner reached under the counter for a lantern. He put a match to the wick and stomped off. Oliver’s General Store was so packed with stuff that Forrest had trouble keeping track of the lantern’s light as Blake made a convoluted walk through his large store’s inventory.
            But Forrest did see the door to the storage room open and the light move inside. He wondered if he should go back there and lend a hand. Maybe that would make Blake Oliver a bit more agreeable. Probably not. But it wouldn’t hurt to try.
            Connors made his way cautiously toward the faint yellow glow that came from the back of the store. Early in his journey, he could hear a moan coming from the store owner. Oliver must be trying to lift something heavy.
            Forrest collided with a pile of cooking pots, creating an explosive clatter. “Sorry, Blake!” Forrest called out as he viewed the chaos on the floor. “Nothing is broke.”
            There was no response.
            “I’m coming to help you,” Forrest yelled. “Don’t try lifting anything too heavy by yourself.”
            To his relief, Forrest Connors made it to the storage room without knocking anything else over. As he stepped into the skewered yellow light, he could see a large tub lying on the floor. Blake Oliver was lying beside it.
            Connors moved quickly to pick up the lantern from the floor. He set it upright so it would no longer spill kerosene. He then checked Oliver, who he thought had been knocked unconscious by something falling off the shelf.
            He was wrong. There was a knife protruding from Oliver’s back. Lying beside the corpse was a pretty piece of gingham cloth with a paper pinned to it.
            Connors’ voice trembled as he read aloud, “Four.”
            A red explosion filled his head. Forrest Connors dropped the piece of cloth before his entire body slumped to the floor. 

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