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Episode Twenty of One Arm Lightning

Episode Nineteen concluded with:

             A sense of urgency came into the doctor’s voice. “Be careful, Fenton! Rebecca is right. Rob Laverty is unhinged. There is no telling how he will react to losing his badge.”
            “He’s got no choice in the matter!” Goulding proclaimed as he placed a hand on Spur Sanders’ shoulder. “Are you ready, Spur?”
            “Ah, yes sir.”
            “Then let’s get to it. I need to take away Rob Laverty’s badge and swear in our new sheriff.” Fenton Goulding began to exit the office in a very ceremonious manner. Everyone except the doctor followed him.
            Rance was the last one out the door. He turned to the physician, who was still sitting at this desk. “Nice meeting you, Doctor.”
            “Yes, yes. The same here.” Dr. Brooks looked very worried. Rance understood why. Firing Rob Laverty was going to be a dangerous undertaking.

Episode Twenty


            The five people walked to the sheriff’s office in silence. Not until they were a few feet from the office did Spur Sanders break the silence. “Miss Torveen, Mr. Torveen, I got no authority yet to tell you to do this. But I’d appreciate it if you’d wait here. Mr. Connors will be released shortly.”
            Both Torveens looked surprised by the request. Buck was the first to speak. “Of course, Spur. We’re both happy that you are taking over as sheriff.”
            Fenton Goulding, Spur Sanders, and Rance Dehner entered the office. Rob Laverty was standing behind his desk.
            “Good morning, Sheriff,” Fenton spoke officiously.
            “Mornin’,” Laverty knew immediately that something was up, but he wasn’t too worried. He knew Wes Torveen’s ghost was now pleased with him. He had framed Forrest Connors for the murders of Blake Oliver and Stanley Wiggins. No one would suspect Torveen’s ghost.
            Despite his earlier bluster, Fenton found it hard to get to the point. “Ah, are you having a busy morning, Sheriff?”
            “Yeah, sorta, got to go over to the restaurant and let them know I have a prisoner. They’ll need to bring his meals.”
            That statement didn’t allow Fenton Goulding any more time to fiddle about. “That won’t be necessary, Sheriff Laverty. Mr. Connors is to be released from prison immediately.”
            Rob Laverty’s face went red. “Not as long as I’m the Sheriff!”
            “Mr. Laverty, you are no longer Sheriff,” Goulding blurted out. “I am here to take your badge.”
            Laverty’s head moved backwards as if absorbing a punch. Wildness took over his eyes. He jabbed a finger in Goulding’s direction. “You think gettin’ rid of me will make you safe?”
            Goulding looked confused. “Safe?”
            Rob Laverty’s voice became a yell. “You think because you didn’t fire a shot from the roof during the ambush, that Torveen’s ghost won’t kill you like he did the others?”
            Goulding returned to his officious manner. “Sheriff, I must demand your immediate--”
            “You can have my badge!” He ripped the star off his vest and threw it at the saloon owner. Walking around the desk he began to unbuckle his gunbelt. “The town bought this gun for me when I became sheriff. You can have it back too.”
            The disgraced lawman began to hand Fenton Goulding his gun but as he did, he slipped the six gun from the holster and fired into Goulding’s face. As blood splattered over him, Dehner drew iron and triggered a bullet directly into Laverty’s chest. The lawman stumbled backwards and fell.
            Spur Sanders and Dehner quickly checked the bodies of Fenton Goulding and Rob Laverty. It was a matter of routine. They knew both men were dead. Rance noticed a shiny object, spotted by blood, lying on the floor between the corpses. He picked up the badge and handed it to Spur Sanders.

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