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Episode Twenty-One of One Arm Lightning

Episode Twenty concluded with:

             “You can have my badge!” He ripped the star off his vest and threw it at the saloon owner. Walking around the desk he began to unbuckle his gunbelt. “The town bought this gun for me when I became sheriff. You can have it back too.”
            The disgraced lawman began to hand Fenton Goulding his gun but as he did, he slipped the six gun from the holster and fired into Goulding’s face. As blood splattered over him, Dehner drew iron and triggered a bullet directly into Laverty’s chest. The lawman stumbled backwards and fell.
            Spur Sanders and Dehner quickly checked the bodies of Fenton Goulding and Rob Laverty. It was a matter of routine. They knew both men were dead. Rance noticed a shiny object, spotted by blood, lying on the floor between the corpses. He picked up the badge and handed it to Spur Sanders.

Episode Twenty-One


            Buck Torveen stepped out of the barn and watched his sister with increasing curiosity as he approached the ranch house. She was tying several old blankets over the bed of their wagon.
            “What’s up, sis?” His tone conveyed amusement.
            Rebecca was not in a joking mood. “I’m covering up all of my things. The trail to Forrest’s ranch can get pretty dusty.”
            “Why do you need to take all of your things? You said you were goin’ over there for dinner.”
            Rebecca did a final check of her handiwork. “The blankets should stay in place for the ride.”
            “Rebecca, I asked you a question.”
            “Reverend Buchanan and his wife are also going to be there. Forrest had a long conversation with the pastor after he got out of jail this morning.”
            Buck shrugged his shoulders. “So? Why are you takin’ all of your things?”
            “Forrest and I are getting married at his ranch this evening.”
            “What? We planned a big wedding with all our friends. You aren’t even inviting me!”
            Rebecca turned to face her brother; the anger that had been in her eyes earlier in the day was still there, only now it was aimed entirely at him. “I don’t want a big wedding, Buck. I want to feel safe. You allowed your brother to be ambushed. When there was real trouble, I had to hire two detectives. Forrest is a man who not only loves me, he can protect me. I have one more bag to pack, then I’m gone.”
            She began a brisk walk toward the house, then suddenly turned around and yelled in a voice heavy with sarcasm, “Drop by and see us, any time!”

            The red glare of sunset was easing off, creating a pattern of odd shadows as Rebecca guided the wagon down the road. A long grove of trees lay ahead. As she got closer to the cottonwoods, a rider came out of the grove and onto the road. Someone had been waiting for her.
            She halted the horses and gazed in amazement at the figure in front of her.
            “Hello, Becca, surprised to see me?”
            The woman replied in a near cry. “You’re the only person who ever called me Becca. I’ve missed you, Wes.”
            “I never went away, Becca, not really.”
            “Wes, I don’t understand.”
            “Let me explain it to you.” The rider drew nearer to the wagon. Rance Dehner pulled back one of the blankets, sprang up from the bed of the wagon and jumped onto the rider. Both men hit the ground and scrambled to their feet. Dehner delivered a roundhouse punch to the side of his opponent’s head. The man went down and Rance grabbed his beard, which came off.
            The man lying on the ground was Buck Torveen.

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