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Episode Eleven of Ultimatum

Episode Ten concluded with:

            Nate signaled for Dehner to follow him. They returned to their horses, mounted and rode down the hill. When they reached the bottom, the pastor quickly explained what had happened.  “Akando has ordered five of his braves to a nearby house. They are being led by Sahale.”
            “Know anything about Sahale?”
            Reverend Nate grimaced. “He was violent and dangerous as a boy. He has become even worse with manhood.”
            “Why are they going to this house?”
            “Don’t know. Couldn’t hear that well. But I could tell from the tone of their voices that it is no social call. I know the direction they are heading. We’d better follow them.”
            The two men began to trail the Indians, wondering about the strange visitor whose demands Akando seemed willing to appease.

Episode Eleven
            Dehner and Reverend Nate stood at the top of a small hill that formed a horseshoe around a cabin. Both men were carrying Winchesters and looked down on the front of the cabin. The detective and the pastor watched as the five Indians rode up to the dilapidated wooden structure. Dehner peered through his field glasses. “The folks who live down there are operating a still. Could Sahale and four other braves have come out here just to buy a jug of tanglefoot?” 
            The pastor shrugged his shoulders and looked confused. “Nothing here makes any sense to me.”
            “This much we know,” Dehner spoke quickly. “We’ve got five of the people who are threatening to destroy Hardin and kill everyone who lives in it, bunched up together. I’m going to the other side of the hill. We’ll try to arrest them. If that doesn’t work…”
            Nate nodded his head. He understood.
            Dehner moved quickly as he watched the brave whom Reverend Nate had pointed out as Sahale walked toward the cabin door. Sahale knocked and the door immediately opened. The approaching horses had awakened whoever was inside. There was a brief conversation, then Sahale began to walk back to his horse. He was carrying a jug. Dehner had seen no sign of money being exchanged. No surprise. Being awakened in the middle of the night by five Indians just might make a moonshiner inclined to hand out free samples.
            Sahale mounted his horse and began to drink from the jug. He nodded toward two of the other braves. A spark suddenly glowed in the hand of one of those two braves.
            Dehner laughed inwardly. “Talk about white man’s ways,” he whispered to himself. “Those guys are using match sticks.”
            The detective’s amusement was short lived. The brave next to the one with the lighted match was preparing his weaponry. He was going to send a flaming arrow into the cabin.

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