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Save the Girl! 1

Episode Eight of Save the Girl!

Episode Seven concluded with:

             “When you get back, I’ll be on my way to New York,” there was an odd wave of sadness in Carrie’s voice.
            “I’ll hand in my full report to the McLeod Agency. I’ll telegraph you about Maria.”
            “Yes…of course…that will be fine.” Carrie looked at the detective with confusion in her eyes. Those eyes went downward when she spoke again. “Good bye, Mr. Dehner.”
            “Good bye, Miss Whiting.” Dehner nodded politely and left the room. Outside, he felt an overwhelming urge to go back and speak to Carrie Whiting. He stopped in the hallway, but he couldn’t think of a single word to say to a young woman who was the most beloved singer in the nation. He continued his walk down the hall, pausing only for a quick “thank you” as Floyd handed him his hat at the door.
            Years later, he would wonder what might have happened if he had only turned and gone back.

Episode Eight


            Rance Dehner rode into the town of Alcott, carefully taking in the local landscape. The Emerald Theater and the Big Diamond Saloon were easy to find. The enterprises stood side by side, prominent fixtures along the town’s Main Street.
            Philip Richardson’s establishments obviously carried a lot more prestige in Alcott than they would in Dallas. Dehner figured Dallas was a recruitment center for Richardson’s operations. Richardson probably realized he could never own Dallas, but he could own a place like Alcott.
            The detective knew he was dealing with a man who was smart and methodical. Such a man would be ready for brutal competitors trying to take over his operation and, of course, there was the law. Rance wondered if Richardson had the local sheriff in his pocket. The detective would find out soon enough. Dehner had to be careful, but he also had to move fast. It wouldn’t take a man like Philip Richardson long to ruin the life of Maria Martino.
            Rance dismounted in front of the Big Diamond and had barely tied his horse to the hitch rail when he heard a woman’s scream coming from the saloon. He hurried inside and saw a familiar figure twisting the arm of a saloon girl. He also saw the flash of a gun being hastily drawn from its holster.
            Dehner dropped to the floor as a bullet whizzed over his head. He drew his Colt and sent an orange-red flame at the figure, who was getting ready to fire again. Patrons hit the floor and scrambled for cover as Dehner’s second shot found his attacker’s forehead. The man collapsed. Dehner scrambled to his feet.
            “Ya haven’t changed one bit, Rance,” The man who had been assaulting the saloon girl picked himself up from the floor, eyeing the detective.
            “I guess not, Briscoe,” Dehner replied. “I still take offense when someone tries to kill me.” The detective holstered his gun. Briscoe was a killer who wanted a fight. He was going to get what he wanted.

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