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Save the Girl! 1

Episode Nine of Save the Girl!

Episode Eight concluded with:

            Dehner dropped to the floor as a bullet whizzed over his head. He drew his Colt and sent an orange-red flame at the figure, who was getting ready to fire again. Patrons hit the floor and scrambled for cover as Dehner’s second shot found his attacker’s forehead. The man collapsed. Dehner scrambled to his feet.
            “Ya haven’t changed one bit, Rance,” The man who had been assaulting the saloon girl picked himself up from the floor, eyeing the detective.
            “I guess not, Briscoe,” Dehner replied. “I still take offense when someone tries to kill me.” The detective holstered his gun. Briscoe was a killer who wanted a fight. He was going to get what he wanted.

Episode Nine

Briscoe Parker’s medium frame had put on several pounds since Dehner last encountered him. The man’s eyes had always looked bloodshot, but the red seemed more prominent now that Briscoe’s black beard covered most of his face.
            Parker nodded at the corpse on the floor. “Ya jus’ put a bullet in my partner.”
            “You were keeping bad company, Briscoe. You and your partner robbed a bank in Houston. You got away from me there.” 
            “A man’s gotta make a livin’.” Briscoe Parker casually took a few steps back toward the bar. He took pride in the accuracy of his draw.
            The saloon’s patrons began to scramble off the floor and bunch together along the front walls of the Big Diamond. They wanted to be safe, but they didn’t want to miss the entertainment.
             Dehner spotted the saloon girl who Briscoe had been abusing. She was staring at the detective with an intense curiosity.
Rance couldn’t pay her much heed. There was a killer getting ready to draw on him. Dehner continued to talk with his enemy. “You killed a teller and didn’t stop there. You gunned down a woman and her nine year old son who walked into the bank at the wrong time. I don’t care much for the way you make a living, Briscoe.”
“Well, Rance, I hate ta make an old friend unhappy. Let me buy ya a drink. “Barkeep!”
Briscoe pretended to start looking around the saloon for the bartender as he went for his gun. Rance’s draw was a few seconds faster. He sent a blaze into Briscoe’s chest, then crouched for another shot, ducking a bullet by inches. Rance fired again, a necessary move. Even staggering, Briscoe Parker was capable of a good shot. 
The killer hit the floor, less than five yards from his partner’s corpse. The bartender, a surprisingly young man with a boyish face, disconnected from the crowd standing against the wall and hastily looked at both fallen outlaws.
“Both of these owlhoots are ready for Solemn Sam, the Undertaker. One free drink for each cowpoke who helps carry them over there. The rest of you will have to pay for your drinks. After all, the show was free!”

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