Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Save the Girl 1

Episode Ten of Save the Girl!

Episode Nine concluded with:

“Well, Rance, I hate ta make an old friend unhappy. Let me buy ya a drink. “Barkeep!”
Briscoe pretended to start looking around the saloon for the bartender as he went for his gun. Rance’s draw was a few seconds faster. He sent a blaze into Briscoe’s chest, then crouched for another shot, ducking a bullet by inches. Rance fired again, a necessary move. Even staggering, Briscoe Parker was capable of a good shot. 
The killer hit the floor, less than five yards from his partner’s corpse. The bartender, a surprisingly young man with a boyish face, disconnected from the crowd standing against the wall and hastily looked at both fallen outlaws.
“Both of these owlhoots are ready for Solemn Sam, the Undertaker. One free drink for each cowpoke who helps carry them over there. The rest of you will have to pay for your drinks. After all, the show was free!”

Episode Ten:

Laughter filled the Big Diamond as the barkeep scooted behind the bar. He eyed the newcomer and spoke in a voice that was low and respectful. “You handle a gun well, stranger. I’d say you’re entitled to some free suds.”
“Thanks,” Dehner replied. “I’ll accept your generosity.”
As the bartender began to pour, Dehner looked over the establishment. Men were already picking up the bodies in order to tote them over to Solemn Sam. An elderly, stooped man who appeared to be a swamper was carrying a bucket and mop over to where Briscoe Parker had hit the floor. Some of Parker’s blood and perhaps a few small portions of his body were about to be mopped up. As he began his task, the swamper looked over at where the other jasper had landed. This was turning into a busy day.
The patrons of the Big Diamond paid little attention to the clean up. Card games resumed, a roulette wheel began to spin, and a Chuck –A- Luck wire cage went back into action. And, of course, people flocked toward the bar.
One of the flock was the saloon girl who Briscoe Parker had been harassing. She smiled at Dehner as she approached the bar. “Tommy, I hope that beer you’re pouring is on the house.”
“Sure is, Miss Jerri, can I fix you something?”
“The usual.”
Tommy reached under the counter for a bottle and glass. He poured a light brown liquid for Jerri. Probably tea, Dehner guessed. A saloon girl’s day is long and “the usual” is often tea or water. Of course, the customer who is buying her the drink doesn’t know that.
“The name is Jerri Mae Swanson.” Her voice was deep and husky.
“Pleased to meet you, Jerri Mae. My name is Rance Dehner.”
“Thanks for taking care of those two owlhoots, Rance.”
Dehner shrugged his shoulders. “The Big Diamond is a place for meeting old friends.”
Jerri Mae smirked and looked at her companion carefully. “You impress me as a man who has a lot more enemies than he does friends. Let’s sit down, maybe you and I can strike up a friendship.”

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