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Episode Seventeen of Save the Girl!

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

Dehner now recognized the theater manager he had questioned in Dallas. “Making your way up the ladder of success! You’re right out of a Horatio Alger novel, Harry.”
“Huh?” Harry replied.
Philip Richardson chuckled as he looked down at his prisoner. “The man has a wonderful sense of humor! I’m sure that we are in store for a delightful few hours with Mr. Dehner. Delightful indeed!” He turned his head. “Jerri Mae, please hold the light while we secure Mr. Dehner’s hands and feet.”
The woman took the kerosene lamp and bent over Dehner as the two men retrieved the ropes. “I’m sorry.” Her voice was both a whisper and a sob. “You’ve got to understand. Philip Richardson owns this town. He told me to be on the look out for you, and to set up this trap…I’m sorry.”
Dehner tried to think of something funny to say in order to buttress his standing as a wit. He was working on it when the yellow light vanished and darkness overwhelmed him.

Episode Seventeen


Jerri Mae Swanson carefully guided the buggy toward the small cabin. Richardson had given her a map to the place, but warned that the road became very rocky. Richardson had told her not to start out until sunrise, but she had departed Alcott the moment there was decent light. She needed to get to Rance Dehner while he still had enough strength left to fight.
Once again, the woman asked herself why she was doing this. Helping the detective meant she would have to leave town and go…where? She didn’t know, but she knew she had to help a good man who wanted to rescue an innocent girl from a horrible life: a life like the one she was living.
Of course, she shouldn’t have gone along with Richardson’s plan to trap the detective in the first place. If she had warned Dehner when she first encountered him, he wouldn’t be in this mess.
“Guess that’s the story of my life,” she said to herself as the buggy drew near the cabin. “Always doin’ the right thing too late.”
She pulled up, grabbed the large basket she had brought with her and hurried for the cabin. Richardson’s voice boomed from inside:
“Mr. Dehner, I appreciate the moral dilemma I’ve placed you in. A detective isn’t supposed to divulge the name of his client. I do admire your professional ethics. But, you see, this client of yours could pose a threat to my entire operation. A business man can’t be indifferent when it comes to opposition. Therefore, I must ask you again for that name.”
Jerri Mae stopped and listened carefully. She could hear Dehner’s voice, but not what he was saying. She did hear Richardson’s reply: “Very well. Harry, continue your efforts to persuade Mr. Dehner, as to the wisdom of cooperating with us.”
The sound of flesh hitting flesh mixed with Harry’s laugh. The woman stepped quickly into the cabin.

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