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Episode Eighteen of Save the Girl!

Episode Seventeen concluded with:

“Mr. Dehner, I appreciate the moral dilemma I’ve placed you in. A detective isn’t supposed to divulge the name of his client. I do admire your professional ethics. But, you see, this client of yours could pose a threat to my entire operation. A business man can’t be indifferent when it comes to opposition. Therefore, I must ask you again for that name.”
Jerri Mae stopped and listened carefully. She could hear Dehner’s voice, but not what he was saying. She did hear Richardson’s reply: “Very well. Harry, continue your efforts to persuade Mr. Dehner, as to the wisdom of cooperating with us.”
The sound of flesh hitting flesh mixed with Harry’s laugh. The woman stepped quickly into the cabin.

Episode Eighteen

Philip Richardson appeared modestly surprised by the woman’s sudden appearance, though he didn’t seem angry. “You’re a mite early, Jerri Mae.”
“I figured you’d be getting hungry.” She strolled to the left side of the cabin and placed the basket on a rickety table.
“You figured right!” Harry shouted.
Richardson walked toward the basket. “Did you bring along that special item I requested?”
Jerri Mae lifted the towel that covered the basket, yanked out a bottle and handed to Richardson. “I sure did, Mr. Richardson.”
Richardson looked approvingly at the label on the bottle. “Ahhh, an excellent wine.” He held the bottle up and approached Rance, who was bound to a chair. Jerri Mae noted that Rance’s hands were tied at the wrists behind the chair. His legs weren’t bound at all. After Dehner had suffered a hard assault on his head back at the hotel, Harry and Richardson had assumed he would be easy to control.
So far, their notion seemed correct. The detective’s face was red, with one eye partially closed. Blood dripped from his mouth. He had to be in terrible pain.
Richardson intended to exploit that pain. “You must be uncomfortable, Mr. Dehner. I have something here that not only will cure your thirst but will also dull any pain you may be feeling at the moment. We’re going to break for breakfast right now. That will give you time to reconsider your stubbornness. If you change your mind soon enough, you can even join us for what I am sure will be a delicious meal.”
As Richardson spoke and Harry watched him, Jerri Mae removed a small, sharp knife from the basket. She held it inside her left hand which became a fist. The woman thought Dehner had seen her action, but couldn’t be sure.
 As Richardson and Harry approached the table, the lady walked in a slow, provocative manner toward Dehner. She gently caressed the detective’s swollen face. “That was nice of Mr. Richardson to offer you a drink, detective. Maybe I can offer you something to go with the wine.”
Harry laughed as Jerri Mae kissed Dehner on the forehead, then put her arms around him, caressing his shoulders and back. “All you have to do is show Mr. Richardson some cooperation, and then maybe I can cooperate with you.” The woman quickly ran the knife over the rope binding Dehner’s wrists, then placed the knife in his right hand. He took hold of it immediately. No doubt now, he had seen her take the knife from the basket.
The woman returned to the table and her two companions. “Let’s eat and give Mr. Dehner a little time for meditation.”
Harry laughed again, but Philip Richardson looked irritated. Jerri Mae smirked inwardly. Richardson was actually jealous of her kissing Dehner, even though he thought she was doing it to help him, and even though he knew that at the Big Diamond she…
Men are fools, Jerri Mae thought to herself once again.
The woman put out the plates and food. The three sat down to eat. Jerri Mae was pleased when Harry sat with his back to Dehner. No such luck with Richardson, who sat across from Harry where he could see the detective. He smiled mockingly at Dehner as he poured a glass of wine and then lifted it up, as if toasting the detective.

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